iGoogle – Your Daily Hub

Here’s a quick tip that can help you organize your personal view of the Internet.

Every Internet user has their own list of favourite websites – for email, social networking, news, sports, video, etc.  To save time and typing, it’s a good idea to add these sites to the list of “bookmarks” or “favorites” in your web browser so you can get to them with one click.  But another way to help organize and view the information from your favourite sites is to set your browser homepage to point to iGoogle.

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Internet Marketing Rollout

The following transcript could literally change your real estate career.  It is quite lengthy (about 17 pages).  I highly recommend that you print it out and read it carefully with a hiliter pen in hand.  

At always, we’re committed to your success,
        Stephen Raitt

Audio Transcript – Internet Coaching Call with Stephen Raitt and Craig Proctor

10 Steps To $1 Million On The Internet

          Welcome. My name is Steve Raitt. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on taking a giant step towards achieving a greater level of success in your business than you can possibly imagine. This program spells out everything that you need to know to bring your business to the Internet, and could be the key to the million-dollar breakthrough your business has been waiting for!
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A 5-Step Follow Up System To Convert Prospect to Appointment

Your SuccessWebsite will have provided you with some excellent leads – people who have raised their hands and TOLD you that they were moving.  If you fail to follow up promptly, professionally and systematically with these people, YOU WILL LOSE THEM.

This 5-Step Follow Up System will improve your conversion of prospects – the people who have raised their hands identifying their intention to buy or sell – into face-to-face appointments.  The system includes a series of calls, letters and newsletters which help give you top-of-mind consciousness with prospects.

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How To Target Buyers With The “6 Things You Must Know Before You Buy” Report

The idea behind this ad is to focus on an important prospect benefit. The most enduring way to compel a prospect to read and respond to your ad is to speak the benefit right in the headline. You’ll all be aware of the fact that News and Sensational Headlines which pique people’s insatiable curiousity can get a lot of attention (I’m sure you’ve at least witnessed this in the grocery store checkout if not done it yourself). But if you not only want to get your prospect to read, but also to act, you have to go beyond curiousity and speak to your prospect’s subconscious needs and wants. You have to answer the question “What’s in it for me?” This ad not only answers this question (by offering to explain to buyers how to avoid 6 costly mistakes before they buy), but it also takes a relatively easy route to do so by virtue of the fact that it is targeted at buyers. All of you know that it’s much easier to attract a prospect as a buyer than a seller. Sellers have their guard up against real estate agents, knowing that every agent in town is after their listing. Buyers do not have this same mindset given that Buyer Agency is still a relatively new concept. Buyers probably won’t think twice about requesting this information.
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How To Target Sellers With The “27 Tips” Report

The average person is bombarded daily with an ocean of options, choices, dilemmas, opportunities, threats, decisions, problems and tasks. It is said that the amount of information doubles every four years, and with the explosion of the internet, this is likely a highly conservative estimate.

For many of our questions, then, there are innumerable potential answers, and it takes a lot of digging, analyzing and TIME (something most of us don’t have) to separate fact from fiction, and sales hype from good, clear, objective, USEFUL answers. It’s a daunting task, but that doesn’t stop us from yearning for some easy answers and simple solutions to solve the problems we’re dealing with. All of us secretly want to believe in a magic wand which can easily produce a quick and easy synopsis of how to deal with whatever we’re dealing with.
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How To Target First Time Buyers (and Specifically Renters)

The Renters ad is one of the most powerful ads you can run. Every single time this ad runs, it elicits dozens of calls from prospects who pick up the phone and call. Not all of these callers are financially qualified to buy a home (although many are), and for this reason, there is an automatic sifting criteria built into the website script which weed out prospects you’d rather not work with BEFORE you waste your time following up with them.

This ad is targeted at First Time Buyers, and the copy draws them in by painting a picture they can see themselves in. What does this mean? Well, it means this. When this ad was written, the question asked was “How does it feel to be a renter?”

It was easy enough to answer this question. MOST of us know how it feels. As a renter, you feel like you haven’t quite made it yet. You know that you don’t really have control over your living space because you have to ask permission to do this or that to make it feel like yours. You know that your landlord could ask you to leave and take your “home” away from you. You know that every dollar you spend on rent simply goes to your landlord’s pocket and does nothing to help you with your future. There is no equity in renting. Underneath it all, you feel a little inadequate . . . a little resentful.
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Internet Marketing Training Call with Stephen Raitt

Steve gives you the Steps to $1,000,000 Annually in Commissions with your SuccessWebsite™.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding Direct Response Marketing on the Internet (The Three Cornerstones)
  • A Checklist for the Best Follow-Up System
  • Leveraging your current marketing with Cross-Promotion
  • Taglines & The Golden Rule of Internet Marketing
  • Joint Ventures & Affiliated Partners
  • Q&A with SuccessWebsite Members

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