The Ghosts of Craigslist Past

For the past 3 years or so, I have been helping my clients post ads for their listings and real estate services on Craigslist, and in the beginning it was a lovely service to offer.  They were getting great leads without having to pay a dime.  Sure, it took some time to put together and post the ads, but it was great to be able to tell a client that I can get them leads without additional ad costs.  It was also the perfect opportunity for companies like ours to develop products to help clients post ads more effectively on Craigslist.

And that’s just what we did.  We spent months developing a product that would combine online listing flyers with USP (unique selling proposition)  ads to generate the maximum amount of traffic to the website.  It was wonderfully complex and would surly be the most innovative thing to hit the market.

After a stellar launch, there was more interest in it than any other product we had put out before. Our clients were extremely excited about it and new business was coming in as a result.  And then………. the ghosts came (insert scary music here).

Ghosting is when your ad appears to be accepted by Craigslist, but is not actually posted to the list of ads.  You will receive a confirmation email from Craigslist saying your ad was accepted, and the link will direct you to what looks like a successfully posted ad online, but if you search for it on the list it wont show up.  The ad is there, but can’t be seen by anyone. It is a “ghost”.

I still think there are benefits to posting ads on Craiglist simply because it gets a massive amount of traffic on a daily basis.  Should you build your business around it?  Definitely not. And it is always dangerous to rely on one method of advertising (especially when it’s free).It can be very easy to get sucked into trying to “game the system” when your time could be better used elsewhere.

But, there are still some great ways for real estate agents to advertise on Craigslist.

Just yesterday I recorded a webinar specifically on this and what you can do to avoid the ghosting issues.  Click here to access the Craigslist webinar video.

I also recommend the following quick tips to those who want to successfully post on Craigslist:

  1. Make sure you have a strong headline. The most effective headlines within Craigslist contain the geographic Area, unique type of home (fixer upper, foreclosure/Distress, luxury etc.) and the type of prospect (first time buyer, investor, home seller etc.)
  2. If you plan to post more than once a day, create multiple accounts.  You will also need multiple phone numbers for verification purposes
  3. Use images for your ads instead of .html.
  4. Try posting in the “Real Estate Services” category rather than “Real Estate For Sale”, especially if you are offering a free list of homes, real estate reports or an online home evaluation.

The bottom line: Blocking, ghosting and flagging are not unique to real estate advertisers. They are problems that have become widespread among all Craigslist users, whether they are spammers, legitimate businesses or innocent individuals. It can be even more frustrating because the conditions that cause these problems are not consistent from city to city.  And Craigslist seems to be firm in its refusal to openly deal with the matter.

In the end, the most I can do is try to address the Craigslist needs of our members and remain committed to helping them succeed. And as Ray Parker once sang in that mildly popular 80’s tune “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts”.

Kristie Filion

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When sellers are on the fence between me and another agent – After they go to my website, almost 100% of the time they list with me. Its a great listing tool on top of lead generation.

Leonard Simonetti
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First, your customer service is outstanding, there is always someone available to answer questions and help to make it happen.

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Charles Graef

SuccessWebsite is GREAT!!! It’s the trend today and if you don’t have it in Real Estate you’ll eventually be changing careers in the future.

I’ve just used “CraigList” to advertise my listings and another 20 listings from a couple of co-workers; and now I get to show up at the closing table for their listings too. I sold 2 houses on Monday and just signed for another one Tuesday, and have a chance to do a 4th one today, while I’m picking up more clients in the process. It’s free to advertise this way and know how much busier I will be once my ads hit the local newspapers.

I am starting to feel like a celebrity with people from out of state wanting to use my services too and they don’t really even know me. Its all exciting! The “Quantum Leap” idea is for real. I can testify to it. I am experiencing it already and I am just getting started. Thanks to Craig Proctor for all the time and effort put forth in helping to design SuccessWebsite. This marketing tool is a requirement to be successful in Real Estate.

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Best website in Real Estate. Has worked well for me for more that 6 years.

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Ontario, Canada

The websites you provide me, branded and less branded, work flawlessly with my Google Pay per Click ads and my sign ads. Now with the text messaging service I am state of the art! The recently added feature of the drip campaign and the lead tracking system has enabled me to reduce my expenses by eliminating other data management web based systems. SuccessWebsite is a one stop solution!

Congrats and thanks.

Ken Diebold

Simply the best!

Phil Hahn

British Columbia, Canada

We have had your websites for 1 1/2 years now and cannot imagine real estate life without them. Our buyers and sellers are impressed with the many features and the multitude of FREE information that our websites provide. We were generating so many leads that we had to “turn down the volume” for a while just to catch up. Thanks for always looking out for us, always providing more services, and for staying on the cutting edge constantly. We are life-long fans.

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Love the System and Service, wouldn’t want to be in Business with-out it! 

Roger Williams

I have generated around $80,000,000.00 of business using my SuccessWebsite, in the last five years or so. I have been with your company for along time, and will never use another real estate website. You have always been cutting edge, and have worked with me through good and bad times. You are the tops, and if anyone even thinks they can compete they are simply just fools. Keep up the good work.

Jesse Torrero


Absolutely love the website and all its functions. It captures leads, and makes it up to you to capitalize. It literally takes the work out of real estate lead generation.

Karen Filice
Ontario, Canada

For years I’ve used my SuccessWebsite to capture leads and set myself apart from the competition. It works like a charm.

Kevin Toston

I’ve just been using your website for 2 months and I’m still experimenting but have had a lot more contacts and I’ve sold 5 homes in the last 2 weeks.

John Drummey

My SuccessWebsite is great! The best part about it is that it’s cheap and it’s easy to use. It also saves me money because it allows me to easily set up new campaigns (saves me time) and allows me to track where most of my lead generating traffic is coming from (saves me costs on advertising).
Thank you SuccessWebsite.

Kevin Deal

The SuccessWebsite has certainly been a big part of our ability to make it through these uncertain economic times. Although, we have cut back on some other marketing strategies – We have never even once, considered canceling this valued service because of it versatility and viability in today’s marketplace.

Kenneth Penny

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