How To Maximize Your ROI with Google Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is intimidating to many agents, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s a whole different mindset involved in moving to a paid advertising model, especially when you’ve been relying solely on referrals or working with free online classified services like Craigslist. Return on investment (ROI) suddenly becomes a much bigger consideration.

As a SuccessWebsite® Google AdWords Specialist, I spend a lot of time discussing ROI with agents, and optimizing their accounts to improve it. I recently recorded an interesting call between myself and SuccessWebsite member Keri Shull. Keri has a growing team that is hungry for leads, so it’s imperative that she keeps them coming down the pipeline. As usual, I applied our unique keyword selection and budgeting strategies to help her get the most traffic from her marketing budget. But, in addition to that, while reviewing the landing pages linked to her ads, we also discovered that Keri’s IDX page was actually bleeding potential leads away from her website!

This example points out something very important. While the benefit of PPC is that you get guaranteed traffic to your website, remember that traffic doesn’t necessarily equal leads!

There’s more to this process than just fine-tuning AdWords – your website needs to be optimized as well, to make sure you get the name and contact information from all those visitors. Put more simply, your PPC campaign is bigger than just the search engine it runs on.

I find this point is overlooked by most PPC training. In my opinion, the best resources are the experiences of actual real estate agents, like Keri, who can show you how they’re using PPC in their businesses, and give you ideas on how to do it in yours. That’s why I’m happy to introduce our latest AgentSecrets Video Series entitled “Maximize Your ROI with Google Pay-Per-Click”.

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In the first installment, broadcasting this week, you’ll eavesdrop on my call with Keri, and see exactly how we worked on her AdWords account, and improved the lead capture of her landing pages. Even better, we’ve included the follow-up call, and how the changes we made to Keri’s campaigns improved her results (and ROI).

Then, over the next three weeks, we’ll expand on these PPC tactics, going further into keyword selection, optimizing your ad budget, ad targeting, and tracking your results with Google Analytics. And because Google isn’t the only game in town, we’ll also extend these ideas to other PPC services, Facebook, LinkedIn and Bing.

We had an excellent response to our previous series on Craigslist, and this one is going to be bigger and better! Join us and find out how you can make Pay-Per-Click click for you.

Put The LOVE Back Into Your Craigslist Relationship

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the perfect day for me to share with you my LOVE of Internet Marketing and some useful information that could help you capture a lot more leads.

Craigslist is a great (and FREE!) service for promoting listings and special programs, but it can be quite tricky to get quality leads from your ad posts resulting in a LOVE/HATE relationship for many real estate agents. You’re not only competing for eyeballs with a huge number of advertisers, but you also have to struggle with Craigslist’s mysterious enforcement policies, which can lead to your ads being “flagged” or “ghosted”. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I am going to change that paradigm and show you how to put the LOVE back into your Craigslist relationship.

To this end, we must first understand that it IS possible to generate good quality leads and website traffic using Craigslist, if you stick with it and are consistent. The key is to develop a strategy that works for your market. Of course, Internet Marketing Specialists like my colleagues and I can help you with this, but wouldn’t it also be great to talk to other agents who are doing well on Craigslist, and find out what they do? How much time, trial-and-error and effort do you think their experience would save you?

This week, SuccessWebsite® Video Seminar Series is launching “Craigslist Ad Secrets Revealed”, a new part of our AgentSecrets program. In these live events, I interview some of our top-producing members about how to advertise effectively on Craigslist. These agents are getting stunning results with their lead generation, despite many of them being fairly new to Internet Marketing. They’re ordinary people who have discovered what’s working, and are eager to share how they achieved their success because they wish this information had been around when they were starting out.

And it’s about more than just Craigslist too, because most of these strategies can be applied to ANY online classified ad service, including eBay/Kijiji, Backpage, OLX, and even Facebook Marketplace. You’ll get new ideas on using these other services to drive more traffic and capture more leads.

I’m excited to get started with this new series, and I know it will help you learn to LOVE Craigslist!

Internet Marketing Training Call with Stephen Raitt

Steve talks to Craig Proctor about the latest Internet marketing trends and points you to some invaluable marketing resources.

Topics covered:

  • Campaign microsites, and integrating them with your ad strategies
  • Where to start promoting your website
  • Tracking and optimizing your ad campaigns
  • The formula for success with your website
  • Essential Marketing Resources available online
  • Q&A with SuccessWebsite Members

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This Direct Response Lead Generator Will Compel Prospects To Contact You

With your SuccessWebsite, you are given ten very successful editorial-style ads that are being used regularly.  These ads have proven themselves over and over again in practically every market in North America and have been responsible for generating literally hundreds of thousands of leads for SuccessWebsite users.

Basically what you’re doing with this type of advertising is offering your prospects valuable information (rather than trying to sell them something), and making it look like news (and NOT like advertising).   If you do it right and can make your ad look like the editorial which surrounds it, you have a good chance of flying under the reader’s advertising radar and compelling them to read your ad.   And once they start reading it, they are motivated to continue because you’re talking about issues that matter to them, and offering them free, easily accessible answers to questions they want to know the answer to.

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Classified Ads – One Of The LEAST Understood, And One Of The BIGGEST Opportunities In Your Business

While the goal of your classified ads is the same as the goal of your editorial-style direct response ads (i.e.. to get prospects to pick up the phone and call you), the urgency of the prospects you will be attracting, and the way you must attract them, is somewhat different.

To begin with, most of these prospects who read the classified ads have already made the decision that they are moving soon, and that’s why they are reading the classified ads in the first place – to “shop” for a home.   As a general rule, then, prospects that read the classified are further along in the thought process about moving, and are now in the doing stage.   They’re starting to carry out their plan.

In the majority of cases, prospects who read your editorial-style ads are looking for information about moving; while those reading the classifieds are looking for a home to move into. (While the majority of the prospects reading the classifieds will be buyers, many of these buyers will also have homes to sell.   I’ll show you how to attract both buyers and sellers with this medium).
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How To Target Buyers With The “6 Things You Must Know Before You Buy” Report

The idea behind this ad is to focus on an important prospect benefit. The most enduring way to compel a prospect to read and respond to your ad is to speak the benefit right in the headline. You’ll all be aware of the fact that News and Sensational Headlines which pique people’s insatiable curiousity can get a lot of attention (I’m sure you’ve at least witnessed this in the grocery store checkout if not done it yourself). But if you not only want to get your prospect to read, but also to act, you have to go beyond curiousity and speak to your prospect’s subconscious needs and wants. You have to answer the question “What’s in it for me?” This ad not only answers this question (by offering to explain to buyers how to avoid 6 costly mistakes before they buy), but it also takes a relatively easy route to do so by virtue of the fact that it is targeted at buyers. All of you know that it’s much easier to attract a prospect as a buyer than a seller. Sellers have their guard up against real estate agents, knowing that every agent in town is after their listing. Buyers do not have this same mindset given that Buyer Agency is still a relatively new concept. Buyers probably won’t think twice about requesting this information.
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How To Target Sellers With The “27 Tips” Report

The average person is bombarded daily with an ocean of options, choices, dilemmas, opportunities, threats, decisions, problems and tasks. It is said that the amount of information doubles every four years, and with the explosion of the internet, this is likely a highly conservative estimate.

For many of our questions, then, there are innumerable potential answers, and it takes a lot of digging, analyzing and TIME (something most of us don’t have) to separate fact from fiction, and sales hype from good, clear, objective, USEFUL answers. It’s a daunting task, but that doesn’t stop us from yearning for some easy answers and simple solutions to solve the problems we’re dealing with. All of us secretly want to believe in a magic wand which can easily produce a quick and easy synopsis of how to deal with whatever we’re dealing with.
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How To Target First Time Buyers (and Specifically Renters)

The Renters ad is one of the most powerful ads you can run. Every single time this ad runs, it elicits dozens of calls from prospects who pick up the phone and call. Not all of these callers are financially qualified to buy a home (although many are), and for this reason, there is an automatic sifting criteria built into the website script which weed out prospects you’d rather not work with BEFORE you waste your time following up with them.

This ad is targeted at First Time Buyers, and the copy draws them in by painting a picture they can see themselves in. What does this mean? Well, it means this. When this ad was written, the question asked was “How does it feel to be a renter?”

It was easy enough to answer this question. MOST of us know how it feels. As a renter, you feel like you haven’t quite made it yet. You know that you don’t really have control over your living space because you have to ask permission to do this or that to make it feel like yours. You know that your landlord could ask you to leave and take your “home” away from you. You know that every dollar you spend on rent simply goes to your landlord’s pocket and does nothing to help you with your future. There is no equity in renting. Underneath it all, you feel a little inadequate . . . a little resentful.
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