Put The LOVE Back Into Your Craigslist Relationship

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the perfect day for me to share with you my LOVE of Internet Marketing and some useful information that could help you capture a lot more leads.

Craigslist is a great (and FREE!) service for promoting listings and special programs, but it can be quite tricky to get quality leads from your ad posts resulting in a LOVE/HATE relationship for many real estate agents. You’re not only competing for eyeballs with a huge number of advertisers, but you also have to struggle with Craigslist’s mysterious enforcement policies, which can lead to your ads being “flagged” or “ghosted”. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I am going to change that paradigm and show you how to put the LOVE back into your Craigslist relationship.

To this end, we must first understand that it IS possible to generate good quality leads and website traffic using Craigslist, if you stick with it and are consistent. The key is to develop a strategy that works for your market. Of course, Internet Marketing Specialists like my colleagues and I can help you with this, but wouldn’t it also be great to talk to other agents who are doing well on Craigslist, and find out what they do? How much time, trial-and-error and effort do you think their experience would save you?

This week, SuccessWebsite® Video Seminar Series is launching “Craigslist Ad Secrets Revealed”, a new part of our AgentSecrets program. In these live events, I interview some of our top-producing members about how to advertise effectively on Craigslist. These agents are getting stunning results with their lead generation, despite many of them being fairly new to Internet Marketing. They’re ordinary people who have discovered what’s working, and are eager to share how they achieved their success because they wish this information had been around when they were starting out.

And it’s about more than just Craigslist too, because most of these strategies can be applied to ANY online classified ad service, including eBay/Kijiji, Backpage, OLX, and even Facebook Marketplace. You’ll get new ideas on using these other services to drive more traffic and capture more leads.

I’m excited to get started with this new series, and I know it will help you learn to LOVE Craigslist!

The NEW Internet Search You MUST Know About!

Okay, you’ve been working diligently at optimizing your website on search engines like Google. (What’s that? You haven’t? Well then, you might want to look at some basic info on search engines, then come back and read this post.)

You’ll probably have realized two things by now:

  1. Unless your search keywords are localized (ie. “real estate Sarasota” versus just “real estate”), you’re probably competing with everybody on the Internet instead of just businesses in your area.  Not only that, but a lot of your site visitors will probably be from out of town.
  2. If your keywords aren’t focused (ie. “foreclosure properties” versus the more general “real estate”), you probably get a lot more “junk results” in your search.  Again, this is because you’re competing with all the other “real estate” people out there, as opposed to just the ones who specialize in “foreclosure properties”.

These are legitimate concerns, and things you must take into account when promoting your website online.  A prospect in your area is probably more useful to you, and easier to convert, than somebody in a different city, so it’s in your best interest to create optimized searches using local, focused keywords.

But… what if I told you there was also a way to improve your search results with general terms, and virtually guarantee those visitors are local to your area?

Plus!! This method also lets you provide more information about your business, including customer reviews, special offers, and local news, inside the search results, before they even get to your website!!

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Internet Marketing Training Call with Stephen Raitt

Steve talks to Craig Proctor about the latest Internet marketing trends and points you to some invaluable marketing resources.

Topics covered:

  • Campaign microsites, and integrating them with your ad strategies
  • Where to start promoting your website
  • Tracking and optimizing your ad campaigns
  • The formula for success with your website
  • Essential Marketing Resources available online
  • Q&A with SuccessWebsite Members

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Internet Marketing Rollout

The following transcript could literally change your real estate career.  It is quite lengthy (about 17 pages).  I highly recommend that you print it out and read it carefully with a hiliter pen in hand.  

At always, we’re committed to your success,
        Stephen Raitt

Audio Transcript – Internet Coaching Call with Stephen Raitt and Craig Proctor

10 Steps To $1 Million On The Internet

          Welcome. My name is Steve Raitt. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on taking a giant step towards achieving a greater level of success in your business than you can possibly imagine. This program spells out everything that you need to know to bring your business to the Internet, and could be the key to the million-dollar breakthrough your business has been waiting for!
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How to use Multiple Domain Names to Create More Leads, Track the Success of Your Ads, and Cut Your Costs!

Your domain name (eg. CraigProctor.com) identifies your website.  You will often see it proceeded by "www.", "http://", or both.  (NOTE: The terms “domain name”, “website address”, or "URL" are often used interchangeably.)

Don’t underestimate the value of a good domain name.  In order to convey a professional image to your clients and potential customers you need to have your own domain name for your email address and your website.  (Some Internet service providers offer free websites to their customers, with resulting “sub-domain” names like www.aol.com/~johnsmith/index.htm. Don’t even consider these – sub-domains convey a very poor message to your potential clients — “This guy can’t even afford his own domain name, how is he going to effectively market my house?”)

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Cross-Promotion: The Basics

Cross-Promotion is absolutely key to driving traffic to your website. You can place all the Internet ads you want, but nothing will bring prospects from your local marketplace to you more effectively than integrating your website with the rest of your marketing efforts.

Recently, as we were updating the materials in our Online Marketing Resources, we came across some of the tips we first suggested for cross-promotion, years ago when the idea of having a business website was new and exciting, and more than just a simple necessity. Most of them seem like no-brainers, now, but I highly recommend you give this list a quick look to make sure you’re on top of your cross-promotion efforts.

Consider these tips the ABSOLUTE BASICS for Cross-Promoting your website.

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How To Get Search Engine Positions That Are BETTER Than #1!

Better than #1? YES, it is possible…

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines Such As Yahoo! and Google give you ABSOLUTE CONTROL over the ranking of your site in many of the top major search engines!

If you’ve been trying to get your SuccessWebsite listed in the Internet search engines, you’ll probably have experienced first-hand the frustration of getting your site to appear prominently in the search results. We’re always looking for new ways to improve your results. And – while we continue every month to update and submit your web site search terms to the major engines like Yahoo!, AltaVista, InfoSeek, Excite, and more – it can sometimes seem like you’ll never get those coveted top spots. (And even if you do, you seem to lose them just as quickly.) It can be particularly upsetting when you enter in one of your carefully crafted search terms and find that an adult web site outranks you.

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