Are You Feeling the Pressure of Social Media?

And I’ll tell you upfront that I’m not going to focus on how to get more likes on your facebook page, more followers on Twitter or more views on YouTube, but how to use these channels to acquire the most valuable commodity – trust. And this is something that is not always easy to gain online.

So how do we do this? How can we use Social Media to build strong relationships and gain trust? We are all under pressure to produce great content, get more followers get more people to like us. It’s like being in high-school again where everything is a popularity contest. We have lost focus on the most valuable component here, and that is benevolence. The desire to help others and provide value. As social creatures, this is what releases those chemicals in our brain that make us feel good.

Let’s explore how and why we need to stay focused on this in all of our online marketing efforts, especially when it comes to social media.

The Four Cornerstones Of Trust

It’s not enough to project a super friendly persona and let everyone know what you are doing at all times. That is not the type of transparency we’re discussing here. Trust can be acquired in multiple ways and is most effective when you identify the key cornerstones.

Expectation. A positive interaction is what people expect when they like your facebook page or comment on your blog post. How do we meet that expectation and better yet exceed it. This is something that takes time and will come from a combination of quality content, being present, responding to feedback and most importantly – being consistent. There is no fast and easy money when it comes to social media, but you are expected to interact in a meaningful way.

Relationships. This positive interaction is what builds relationships. People want to know who you are and what you’re all about. If you stay consistent and make an effort to build relationships your audience will reciprocate.

Benevolence. The tendency to do good, to help, to take that part of your day to show an act of kindness. There are many ways to do this through the free content you provide. The knowledge that you share with others. If we are too focused on guarding our ideas and worrying about being better than the next guy, we loose the ability to be benevolent.

And most importantly, Integrity. By demonstrating all of the above cornerstones of trust, you will display integrity which is one of the most important leadership qualities any individual can possess, and sometimes the hardest to demonstrate.

So let’s start building our social empire of trust. It may be discouraging when you feel like no one is listening and your efforts are in vain, but Rome was not built in a day. And we are fortunate to have tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yelp, Twitter and all of the sites that encourage connections and inspire us to share we have to offer to the world. If you keep the following points in mind, especially when it comes to Social Media, you’ll do just fine:

  • Be Present
  • Be Authentic
  • Be Responsive
  • Be Consistent
  • Be Friendly
  • Be Professional

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Your Best Social Marketing Strategy is You!

I may be preaching to the converted, but who here often finds themselves floundering when it comes to getting results from Social Media?

Despite all the positive benefits of developing a Social Media presence, many agents continue to resist blogging, Facebook, and Twitter. The reason I hear the most is “I don’t have enough time”, but I think secretly they fear they won’t know what to write about. I say this because, in fact, that’s the second most common reason I hear!

This seems odd, since talking to people and giving opinions on real estate matters is basically the successful agent’s job description. Yet it’s amazing how such personable and outgoing folks become wallflowers when it comes to getting social online.

I recently interviewed real estate broker, coach, and longtime SuccessWebsite member Danny Griffin on this topic, and together we came up with a list of the top blog entries every agent should post to get started on the right track. Though there are many other topics you could write about, strictly for their SEO benefits, these are important to introduce you, set a friendly tone, and demonstrate your expertise. Here are the top three on our list:

1. About You:  Who you are, why you got into real estate, your service philosophy, etc. When people visit your blog, they want to identify with you. Show them what you’re all about.

2. Answer the most common question(s) you are asked by your clients: This will begin to establish you as an authority and trusted adviser. Ask for your audience to participate and post more questions or comments for you to respond to.

3. Warn people about the most common mistake(s) you see in real estate: How can you save someone from making the same mistakes by reading your blog. Share stories to illustrate how these mistakes could have been averted. This type of sharing makes you more personable and will make it easier for your audience to connect with you.

Seems simple enough, and you probably could have figured them out by yourself, but where do you go after this?

Today, we’re releasing our latest no-cost-or-obligation edition of our Video Series titled “Top Social Marketing Strategies for Real Estate”. The first installment is the interview with Danny, and it’s the most exciting and inspirational talk I’ve heard on these topics in a very long time. Danny talks about connecting with your passions, the very things that you love most about your career, to find an endless stream of topics to write about, as well as the energy to keep going when it feels like no one’s listening.

There’s lots of practical information in this interview. Danny lays out simple strategies for getting started with your blog, including shooting and posting video entries. And we give you more of those top blog posts every agent should write, along with reasons why they are so effective.

So get out there and join the social media party! The benefits to your business are well worth the effort.

The 10 Most Common Mistakes Real Estate Professionals Are Making On Facebook

One of the hottest topics today amongst real estate professionals is facebook and how to generate quality leads from it. Many of you are using facebook for your business, but are missing the mark when it comes to providing the right type of content for your target audience. Here are the 10 Most Common Mistakes I see Realtors make when marketing their services on the “Social Network”:

1. Failing to be on Facebook at all.

Facebook is a game-changing opportunity to reach new leads on the Internet. With over 500 million active users, half of which access the site daily, and weekly traffic numbers that match or exceed Google’s, it’s no longer a marketing resource you can afford to ignore.

2. Not using a Facebook Business Page.

Before the development of Business Pages, organizations used customized profiles, or their personal profile, to promote their business. The Business Page is no longer an option – it’s how your potential clients are looking for you on Facebook.

3. Sticking with the standard Business Page.

The standard Business Page provided by Facebook offers very little opportunity to attract and pre-qualify leads using direct response marketing. Plus, it does nothing to help you stand out from your competition.

4. Working without a System.

Without an integrated Internet marketing system, you are failing to capitalize on Facebook’s ability to generate leads for your business. But succeeding on Facebook requires more than just setting up a business page. You need an optimized Facebook presence that ties into your overall Internet marketing system, combining a powerful branding solution with cutting-edge lead generation tools and property listing information.

5. Failing to engage and keep users within the Facebook environment.

Many businesses treat their Business Page as a redirect point to their website. But redirecting users out of the Facebook environment decreases their engagement with your message. Facebook users will spend more time and interact with you more if they remain inside Facebook.

6. Failing to encourage “Likes”.

When users “Like” your page, that activity is published on their profile, with a link back to your Business Page. This is free promotion as well as an implied testimonial to that user’s network of friends. Also, the “Like” button establishes a connection between you and the user, giving you the ability to publish updates to them, which keeps them in the loop and maintains your relationship with them. If you fail to encourage “Likes”, you lose contact with your visitors after they leave.

7. Failing to leverage the lead-generation power of listings.

Property listings, Open House Schedules, Virtual Tours, IDX search, and Single Property Websites can all be integrated into your Facebook page, increasing your engagement with visitors and encouraging them to contact you.

8. Failing to keep personal profiles separate from business profiles.

Many an agent has found their professional status torpedoed by tagged photos of them at a wild party. If you maintain a personal profile on Facebook, it has to be completely separate from your business presence. You’re allowed a personal life, but you don’t want it to interfere with your business.

Anatomy of a Facebook Business Page – The 4 “Must-Haves”

Get more “Likes” with a “Fan Gate” page

We will setup your business page with a “Fan Gate”, prompting users to click the “Like” button to access listings and content on the page. When visitors like your page, it will then show up on their profile. This extends your reach to new prospects by acting as an endorsement to that user’s friends who may be looking for real estate information. Thus, the Fan Gate becomes a very effective lead-generation tool.

We also provide customized side bar graphics to complement the look of your framed website and get your page to stand out. Since the side bar graphics can’t be set to link to your website, they can include a QR code to provide prospects with your mobile business card, SMS requests, or a link through their cell phone’s mobile browser.

Welcome and Engage Your Visitors

With the SuccessWebsite app for facebook, you will welcome your fans with a complete web portal designed to engage and capture leads. The Welcome page will showcase your most popular campaigns with an animated slide show and additional buttons.

You only have seconds to make an impression on your visitor and it is important to project your brand in a polished and professional way. By focusing on the valuable content and services you have to offer, your page will give your visitors the right impression and provide value to those who are fans of your page.

Leverage Your Listings

The SuccessWebsite Facebook App allows you to showcase property listings from your SuccessWebsite within your business page. Providing this information within Facebook increases your engagement with prospects rather than redirecting them to a different location.

From this section the visitor can view details of the property, Open House Schedules and Virtual Tours. They can also request information, send the listing to a friend or call you directly through the SuccessWebsite InstaCall feature – all without leaving Facebook!

Generating Leads On Facebook

With the new SuccessWebsite Facebook Business Page app, you are now able to keep your visitors within Facebook & capture their information without taking them out of the facebook environment.

We have added the most popular campaigns to the app by default – Disstress and Foreclosure Property Hotlists, Free Online Home Evaluation, VIP Buyer and the How To Stop Renting campaign page. If you would like to incorporate another campaign page into the app, this can be done through the control panel as well.

iGoogle – Your Daily Hub

Here’s a quick tip that can help you organize your personal view of the Internet.

Every Internet user has their own list of favourite websites – for email, social networking, news, sports, video, etc.  To save time and typing, it’s a good idea to add these sites to the list of “bookmarks” or “favorites” in your web browser so you can get to them with one click.  But another way to help organize and view the information from your favourite sites is to set your browser homepage to point to iGoogle.

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Interview with Stephen Raitt – Part 5: Looking Towards the Future and Beyond

Where is the internet going and how can you stay on top of technology?

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